Outdoor Adventures In Bali

There is always more to a place than we read in the magazines and papers, Bali is one such place. When we bunked our daily monotony and packed our bags for the flight, we had an expression of Bali as just another island. We would later be blown in our face by nature for quoting this expression, was not known to us.

The island packed jungle archipelago spreading across 3000-4000 miles from east to west is a pure amazement. Apart from all the natural scenic beauty and luxury of the villas or the resorts here, we would emphasize more on the activities part. The place serves as an outdoor activity stage for active and adventurous travellers. Here are our notes from the place.

Go Kayaking: Not a common water sport but Bali will offer you kayaking pleasure. Paddling is the favorite sport of Indonesia so negotiating around the forest-clad banks of the holy mountain lake on the smooth Balinese water, kayaking will fill you with adventure and nature’s beauty. You can kayak in the Danau Lake or along Sanur’s beachy coastline but one thing for sure is that you will gain a whole new experience.

Snorkelling: Indonesia is considered as one of the best places for exploring the tropical waters equipped only with snorkel, masks and swim fins. One of the most famous searches is Tulamben in eastern Bali in which the famous wreck of WWII are present. Another famous wreck is the US Navy Cargo ship which is just 50m off the coast.

Diving: Another famous adventure sports, diving in the warm tropical waters where multiple varieties of seascapes are present, Bali is undoubtedly the diving capital of the world. The famous manta rays and most importantly the sunfish are not be missed. We voted for the Bali’s Nusa Penida and got the experience we desired for. Our next stop was to explore the expansive reefs of Papua’s Raja Ampat Islands.

Trekking: Indonesia has a vast diversity of landscapes and cultures which are why everyone is intrigued to be at the place. Go through the jungle, trek your way into the deep corners or ascent towards the beautiful volcanic peaks, and fun will form a whole new meaning for itself.

Surfing: As tourists, our first drug to hunt on an island is surfing. Indonesia is a hotspot for surfers and even beginners can do surfing and try out their inbuilt skills. Speaking about these surfing schools, southern part of Bali is full of them. The great island of Sumatra serves as the host to lot of surfing activities.

Wildlife Watching: The biggest reptile is present in Bali. Lot of iconic animals which includes the Sumatran rhinoceros and orangutans can be discovered in Bali. We made our excitements take us to the Komodo National Park which is known for its diverse fauna of remote Papua. The birds are colorful and beautiful in Bali, so make sure you have full battery in your DSLR.

This was our note of adventure sports in Bali but if you feel that there is more which we can add then please feel free to write back to us. Till then stay put!

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7 Best Tourist Spots In Bali

When we thought about our next evocative destination, only one word revealed itself, Bali, the place that is capable of sparking the senses in the wildest ways. Without wasting much time, we packed our bags and with some cash, we boarded our flight to Bali. The primary thing that we skipped was the brainstorming of the places to visit in Bali and to do that we utilized our time in the airport. After throwing tons of questions in Google, we curated this for our trip in Bali, read on to get inspired for a visit in Bali.

Pura Tanah Lot: A renowned temple in Bali came at the top of our list, why, it was simple, the temple has a spectacular seaside view setting. The temple is built on a rocky islet surrounded by crashing waves which follow their own will further making it a splendid view altogether. There is a catch, tourists can only visit the place in low tides or walk around the temple since entry is prohibited.

Mount Batur: Yes, Bali has a mountain peak, it’s not that high but it will make travellers proud. The 1,700-meter summit of Mount Batur offers an amazing view of a perfect sunrise. The lush mosaic of mist-shrouded mountains and the intensity of peace gripped there is incredible. For people who love some x-factor, Mount Batur is an active volcano.

Kuta Beach: Beaches are our thing and since we feel connected to it every time we visit it, our greed to stay around the ocean increases and hence Kuta beach made it to the list. This famous stretch of sand filled with phenomenal cafes, bars, and restaurants can make any tiredness go away. Kuta is also accompanied by Legian and Seminyak Beaches, so don’t miss out this one.

The Nusa Islands: No crowd, clean and serene, the Nusa Islands are a combination of three islands from about 20 kilometers offshore from Sanur. Speaking about main activities, surfing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle boarding are there to name a few. Out reason for a visit here was, of course, the peaceful ambiance but most importantly was the Devil’s Tears rock outcrop.

The Sidemen Valley: The Sidemen valley will give you all the feels of old Bali which is now more of cafes, bars, and restaurants. For peace lovers, the valley is a beautiful choice as sleepy villages snuggle in it. The scenery is benevolently beautiful and clutches attention right away. Make this a must visit.

Sekumpul Waterfall: A series of seven falls, the sekumpul waterfalls offers a three to four hours of wonderment trip. The best part, while you trek, a wonderful view of bristling rice terraces and local villages seizes the attention. The hike down can be difficult but it offers an amazing satisfaction.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan: Located on the western shore of Lake Bratan, the Bratan is an amazing infrastructure. The temple was created in the 17th century dons a beautiful and an unusual feature i.e. the Buddhist stupa.

Well, these are our hit numbers of Bali. What’s your take on these, do let us know or in case of adding a favorite as well, write to us back. Stay put!


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6 Best Places For Spa In Bali

Bali’s other name in the world’s itinerary should be the only relaxation. The place just exfoliates stress and depression (in my case, not Bazil’s) like the detoxification diet. So if you feel leaped out or torn out, then, instead of going to a therapist, go ahead for a Bali’s detoxification diet. Go ahead with the spa regime and remove the toxins in the sand and oceans of pleasure of Bali. Here’s our top picks:

Riverside Spa at Maya: We started off with Riverside with an impression of any high-stake privileged spa, but boy, we were surprised with the services. Located on the Ubud highlands, Riverdale has a true standout feature. On of the most famous therapies here is the two-hour River Breeze which comprises of oil massage, body mask, and an earl grey body lotion.

Royal Kirana Spa: This one is unique. The spa is created by a Japanese beauty care company Shiseido and is set against the tranquil Ayung River Valley. The location of the place is good and the aura of the place will give you all the feels. White treatment is one of the famous offerings of the place. Try the place for its outrageously expensive 330-minute Royal Retreat which costs around $375.

Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa: Being a yoga fan ourselves we selected the famous Five Elements. The spa rituals performed here are different and the place is counted amongst the best yoga retreat and wellness centers of Bali. Since we were quite fascinated with the traditional ‘boreh’ body scrub inspired by Balinese culture, our first choice became obvious. Our ratings for the place is a complete 10.

Lembah Spa: We were a fan of Ubud’s Petanu River after Google showed us plenty of images online of the river, so we decided to give it a shot. Hanging over the beautiful valley of Petanu River, the spa has amazing offerings. Many packages are specially designed for couples which make it, even more, the best. Best treatments here include the aromatic body scrubs used based on skin sensitivity so you don’t have to worry about the type of massage or ingredients used. Our tip, have a different kind of date in Lembah Spa.

Karma Spa: No Karma at work here, only spa luxuries. Located in Karma Kandara Resort in Ungasan, the Spa is a magnificent creation and adores captivating interiors. Unlike other spas, Karma has separate huts overlooking the Indian Ocean and has an open air platform which serves as the spa’s centerpiece. The spa services here are costly and can cost to anything around 100 USD to 500 USD but is worth every penny.

Mango Tree Spa by L’Occitane: Since Mango Tree is a renowned name amongst other worldwide spa chains, we thought to browse first and then take a decision. There are around six treatment rooms which are filled with luxurious amenities and the ambiance is great. The steam room is carefully designed and the staff is highly qualified further making every penny asked here a worth. Prices can go up to 500 USD so makes sure your pocket is heavy.

These were our picks. What’s your favorite amongst these is what we await to hear? Do write us back and keep reading.



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5 Best Luxury Hotels In Bali

Bali has been an amazing physiatrist to us. We played with our sudden urge to get into the place and was amazed at every bit of peace offered to us by nature’s splendid creation. The island of gods as we know it offers great beaches, wonderful natural sites, countless waves and colorful ceremonies. Above all you feel generously welcomed and pleased to visit the island, the people are warm and inviting, the air is musky and the ambiance is laid back.

Since this being our narration of the place, at first sight, the next thing we had in mind was where to rest for the following days. Since we came to Bali without a booking, we had the opportunity to explore the best luxury hotels in town and we came to these conclusions. Read on to elect your choice.

The St. Regis Bali Resort at Nusa Dua: Located at the south of Nusa Dua Peninsula, the resort is a bliss. Having a beachfront view and a collection of exquisite villas, suites, rooms, and restaurants, the resort makes it to the top of the list. The best deal of the place is an expansive lagoon which serves as the centerpiece of the lagoon villas.

Viceroy Bali, Ubud: The villa themed place has a different air around itself. The place is based in between the valley further overlooking the lake of Bali. Peace, serenity, calm and perfect ambiance combined with premium luxury, viceroy can be an expensive deal but serves perfection.

Soori Bali: The Alila Villas Soori is the best deal for people who wish to get away from the crowd of South Bali. The best part of the resort is that it offers a splendid connection with the rural outback of the island. The terrace view of the villas shares an eccentric sight of the beautiful valley straight in front. The stay can be expensive but keep looking for discounts online.

Bulgari Resort Bali: Another resort in the list but we have all the reasons for this one. Counted as one of the most prominent five-star resorts of Bali, the Bulgari is located in an isolated southern Bukit peninsula. The seafood and the sunset view is one of the reasons to book this for your stay. Private pool rooms with an ocean view, the resort just gives a fresh breath of premium luxury offered. Masterpiece!

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali: We will straight away throw the awards, Ayana is Asia’s best resort and has also won the Conde Nast Traveller Readers Choice Awards. Known for its spectacular spa services and majestic view spread across the coastline, Ayana has 78 private pool villas and 290 hotel rooms. The price bid is really high but it’s worth every penny. Stay here to get a relaxing and enriching experience.

The choices are hard, but these are our best picks. Where we stayed is another story to tell. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep up and keep writing back to us!

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10 Reasons Why Bali Is Place Of Wonderment?

The monotony of life, the boredom of work, the illness of stress and the curse of loneliness are always the things that motivate the travellers in us. Life is hard, but at the same time, it is promising as it has gifted us the morality to understand the value of nature. With loneliness and curiosity levelled up on our shoulders, we set out for Bali, the place where nature is at its best form.

And instead of jotting down our reasons as to why we chose to visit Bali, we list 10 incredible reasons as to why the Indonesian Island is a place of wonderment, Keep reading!

The place has endless Geological wonders which are almost unknown to plenty- The Indonesian Island has a multitude of undiscovered extraordinary sights.
Incredibly and infinite pools that spill from the edges of the cliffs and follows to the ocean.
The easiest way to impress your date is an ultra romantic dinner date. Bali is full of such restaurants which have an out-of-the-world setting along with a great ambiance.
The Balinese culture is everywhere, art can be seen in every corner probably. Mind boggling structures, humble handmade floral decorations and more are just enthralling and exciting at the same time.
Bali has a distinctive dining style. Anything from drinks in the middle of the ocean to badass bars, neon club nights, and more, you ask and Bali has it all.
Hidden pristine beaches in every corner of Bali which probably the Balinese people will never tell you.
Lots of haunted and gothic places which can cripple your guts from the spine. Since all the islands are particularly full of secrets, abandoned old ships and home to ruins from tidal destructions, stories of haunted disturbances are very common. This part particularly excited us and compelled us more to visit the Indonesian Island.
Adventure and extreme sports for adrenaline junkies. Owing to our love for scuba diving, Bali appears to be the perfect place for us. Speaking more about adventure sports in the Indonesian island, flyboarding, canyoning, and cliff jumping are significant sports found in aggressive numbers in Bali.
Plenty of exotic islands just a boat ride away. Bali is known for its hidden islands and untouched islands, so packing bags with some cash would be a nice call. Why we chose this place was also because we aimed for a crowd-free place which allows us to peace out.
Bali is an incredible yoga and meditation center of the world after of course, China and Japan. The place has plenty of yoga centers which offers soul-soothing and back-bending experience.

Well, these 10 reasons were our inspiration to gap out from our monotonous schedules, we do hope that these jotted encouragements push you to visit Bali. If you visit, then write to us your experiences and we shall upload it in our column as well, after all, what are friends for, Aye! Stay put and be kind!

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5 Bars With A Sunset View In Bali

Bali has been really kind to us, it made us feel rejuvenated and eccentric in every way. All our hiccups and the nausea of responsibilities which drained us entirely, Bali just washed it away with its peaceful shadow. As much as we love the manipulated water (by this we mean only alcohol), Bali has reciprocated in a caramel way. Why we say this, read on to know why Bali is liquoriciously rich with these 7 bars having amazing sunset view:

Rock Bar, Jimbaran: The greatest vibe of this bar built on rocks is the amazing sunset view. The bar is arguably the most stylish of all in Bali and when we say this, trust us. Our expedition of finding out the best bars in Bali stopped here and what do you know, we were sleeping here. Picking up back from sense, Rock Bar is also a host to international and local DJs. One spoiler alert for you guys, there can be a waiting line.

Double-Six Rooftop, Seminyak: Well this bar will make you think if you are in a Bond film or Bali. The ambiance reflects pure urban-beach glamour and makes you rethink panache all over again. Before you ask, yes there is a roof-top and an amazing ocean sweeping ocean view. Enjoy the sunset view while drinking the famous “nojito mojito” of the place.

La Laguna, Berawa Beach: Ok, one is designed keeping the bohemian style in mind. The bar is located on a quiet stretch of sand in between the renowned Seminyak and Canggu. For Canggu, you might wanna trouble the Google. When we stepped in the place, one common though triggered, this is the best ocean front bar perfect for a crazy Instagram picture. Sit on the brightly-coloured pouf or squat on a wonderfully created mismatched furniture. On the tip, make sure you snap away from the place after sunrise.

Single Fin, Ulu Watu: Created on the cliffs of Ulu Watu, this bar has earned a classic reputation through the years. You can watch the surfers at play and the enjoy the sunset view while you have that drink to finish in hand. We went on a Sunday, so we got to know that the place is a host to Sunday Sessions where renowned DJs come and play their notorious music. Food is memorable but drinks are not cheap to be clear.

Potato Head Beach Club, Kerokoban: The best thing here, the playful pool party. A suggestion, whenever you enter Bali visit the place and get fancy. For a night stay, you can come to Potato Head and lounge around while you enjoy the pool party. One thing that you will find here for sure is the eccentric vibe after the dark. Go fishing, if you know what we mean!

La Plancha, Seminyak: Seminyak is the craziest center of Bali and will not disappoint you for sure. Come sometime after 4 pm and enjoy the Caribbean-esque bar’s splendid seaside view. An ice-cold Bintang is one of the most famous things about the place, enjoy the drink and the beautiful sunset view from the place.

Well, these are our picks but we know that you would have your own distinctions and we are all ears here. So do write us back with your choices. Stay put!

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